Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Never Too Old To Play


The US Administration on Aging has declared May as older American's month.  YEA!  And the theme for this year is that You are Never too old to PLAY.  I think they confiscated the play ideas from my web site.  Now, I am not exactly sure what constitutes an older American.  When I was a kid it was easy to identify an old person.  Grandma and Grandpa were old.  But at 47 the identification of old becomes more elusive.  My grandparents were grandparents at 47.  My mother-in-law Dale is 75 and I most certainly would not define her as old.  The woman just got back from New York and is headed to China.  I literally get tired thinking about her daily itinerary.

The truth is as we age most of us do stop playing.  We get caught up into the daily grin of life as we worry about the kids, our spouse, money, job security, mortgage payments and our parents.  As a society we don’t start playing again until we retire.  I have a really good friend, Rob who is planning wonderful adventures for when he retires.  His list includes planting a bigger garden in his back yard, putting hardwood floors in the rest of his home, spending time with his granddaughter, drinking beer and fishing.  For Rob all of these activities constitutes play.  To me this is a sad way to live because he can do all of those things NOW.  Stop talking and start doing!  It can most certainly be done with small steps.  For example this spring expand your garden by one row.  In the summer when the days are longer re-do the floors in one room.  Give the grandbaby a hammer and let her help! Drink beer while planting that extra row in the garden.  Drunk gardening…you just don’t know what you might plant!  Take the whole family fishing.  Why we put off things that bring us joy I can not understand. 

For those of you who thinks that you are too old to play that is just hog wash.  I am not sure what hog wash is but Poppy constantly talked about it.  Old is a state of mind.  Age literally starts with your thoughts not your body.  So, regardless of age let’s support the Administration on Aging and PLAY!  Not just in May but every month of the year.  As Juju says “God made us so that we might know joy” and Play and Joy are kissing cousins.

Play Well!


  1. Thank you for reminding us to play!!!!!!!