Monday, May 7, 2012

Take Your Art x2 per Week


I know a thing or two about illness and disease.  Ok, I probably know more than a thing or two…..arthritis, menopause, heart attack survivor, allergies, depression, tennis elbow, Plantar fasciitis and migraines.  My doctor visits are mixed with amazement, caution and medication adjustments.  My medical charts are tattered and fat.

The truth is that for the most part I am really a healthy individual.  I run a thriving coaching business, I develop on-line classes for elders, I am a spouse and a mother, magical artist  and Captain of my Neighborhood watch.  So, what’s my secret?  Well here it goes…

Medical doctors are REALLY good at fixing health problems.  I have three inches of mesh stints in my right artery and I am grateful for every inch.  I have an array of medication.  I do take my heart meds and depression meds everyday.  My pain meds I take only when needed.  I LOVE fruits and veggies!  I garden like Rambo.  I enjoy my family.  But what makes me feel really, really jazzed is brand new art brushes, paint, clay, glue, paper, canvas, stickers, pens, pencils and journals.  I CREATE!  I fire up the aromatherapy, put on classical music or classic rock and grab a clean white canvas.  The creative process is like prayer to me.  It helps me reach deep down into the depths of my soul and bring out something I never knew I had.  For me it is a spiritual journey and what I call healing play.

The American Heart Association just release a cover story, Artful Recovery.  The story highlights artist that have used creativity as part of their healing process.  Before you jot on over and read the story please remember that the healing creativity is not about the finished product but the process.  You do not have to be an artist to enjoy the magic of creativity….just open.  When I was released from the hospital after the heart attack I created a journal of stick figures.  I was so angry about what happened to me all I could do was use colored pencils in a notebook.  That was all I needed to do.  The healing process took hold of my soul.

So, along with your medication go ahead and add in Art x2 per Week and let your journey into wellness begin!  If you would like to know more about Healing Play pop on over and visit my web site at

Play Well!

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