Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How Color Influences Your World

In Creative Play Coaching I encourage my clients to use color.  Why?  Because color has a powerful influence in our lives.  The colors we like and dislike can offer insight into our unique personalities.  Let’s Play!  Grab a piece of paper and a pen.  Think of your favorite color.  If you have two or more favorite colors then choose one.  Now, write down five words that YOU think describe that color.  For example, if your favorite color is yellow, you could write bright, cheerful, encouraging, energetic, and happy.  Now, here is the fun part.  The words that you use to describe your favorite color can also be used to describe you.
Chromotherapist or Color Therapist associate colors with different meanings and treatments.

The following is a list of colors and their basic meanings:
BLACK is sophistica­tion, mourning, evil, anger, and strength.
BLUE is calm, peace, quiet, truth, wisdom, loy­alty, and the spirit.
RED is physical energy, mischief, love, passion, valor, fire, and wrath.
GREEN is healing, learning, growth, life, hope, and brilliance.
ORANGE is energy, endurance, and physical strength.
PURPLE is royalty the inner royalty of each of us and the outer royalty of the divine.
YELLOW is the mind, joy, purity, clarity, and hap­piness.

Fantastic!  Now how do we use this knowledge in our everyday lives?  You already use it whether you know it or not.  McDonald's uses the colors red and yellow.   The colors red and yellow increase our energy.  We eat more and we eat quickly.  Yea, McDonald’s knows this too.

How can you use color in the home?  A red bedroom is great for passion but a blue one will help you sleep better.  How can you use color for your personal appearance?  If you need to feel powerful you should wear______?  Yep, red is your power color.  If you want to project the image of wisdom and peace you should wear______?  Blue.  What colors does the Dalai Lama wear?  How about a priest?  Interesting uh?  If you are trying to lose weight red and yellow plates are out.  You will eat less by using a blue or green plate.  A relaxing reading room should be blue or green.

This color stuff is a lot of fun uh?  So, take some time and look around your home, place of work and even your car.  How is color influencing your life?

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