Monday, November 10, 2014

Creative Chaos

I am a creativity coach who works with people who are VERY creative and resourceful.  That doesn’t mean that the creative process comes easily for them or even for me.  Why?  Because we don’t embrace or plan for creative chaos.  You know creative chaos….roadblocks, things not working out, can’t get the project out of the mind and into the world.  This is how we think our creative project will go.  The process will smoothly go from A to B. 


Sure.  We expect a little bumpiness in the process.  But for the most part we think it will be linear.  We will start, create and finish our project.  I am a lifelong artist and magical creator and even I get sucked up in the linear trap.  I think that this creative project will somehow be magically different.  It won’t take me very long to go from point A to point B and whip out my Picasso inspired painting.  But in reality, this is what happens.

And it happens every single time.  Like a lot of creative people I get frustrated, cranky, petty and can pitch a fit better than a toddler.  It’s hard.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Because creative chaos is a major player in the creative process.  Here are three things I have learned about creative chaos.

1. DON’T fight the Chaos.  It might sounds counterproductive, but when we fight the chaos we lose our creative edge.  Because the chaos also brings the opportunity for lots and lots of possibilities and connections.  That is what creativity is all about….possibilities and connections.

2. The Chaos is creativity in action.  I would go as far to say that if you are not experiencing creative chaos you are not flowing in the creative process.  That’s right.  It’s not even creativity.

3. Chaos is your friend.  Let’s say you are mixing paint for the perfect red for that Picasso inspired painting but it just keeps coming up all wrong.  You have been after that perfect red paint for two hours.  You can become frustrated and cranky or you can embrace the chaos and remember what Picasso said “When I haven’t any red I use blue” and then wow you already have the perfect blue and it just glides on the canvas like it was always meant to be there.  Yep, Chaos did that!

So, the next time you set out to use your creative magical powers….plan for a little chaos.  Just knowing it will happen takes the pressure off and allows you to get into the creative flow.
Play Well!

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