Monday, November 17, 2014


Every personality test I have taken revels one consist trait.  I can fix just about anything.  As a child the adults in my life recognized this incredible gift but would dismiss it because I was a girl.  I will admit being raised in a Southern household my mother was a wee bit perplexed on how her daughter could re-wire an electrical fan, fix broken radios, TV’s, dishwashers and even cars.  I have always known how to fix stuff.  I believe fixing stuff requires a creative spirit.  You have to be willing to try all kinds of new approaches for the fixing to happen. 

Now, as a life coach I can’t fix people.  That would suggest that my clients are “broken” and I believe that very few people are broken.  I might have clients that are bent but bent and broken are not the same thing.  I also believe that no one can fix your problems and challenges except for you.  I would also suggest that sometimes what we perceive needs to be fixed doesn’t.  It is in your life to teach you and to grow you.  It might suck but it is part of your path. 

How does all this help my clients?  First, I help bring clarity to the situation.  I can help you figure out what really needs to be fixed and what doesn’t.  Second, I partner with you to brainstorm ideas on how to fix the problem or challenge.  Third, I bring creativity to the table so that we can look at all kinds of new approaches for the fixing to happen.

So, what do you need to fix?  What could be better in your life? 

Play Well,

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