Monday, November 17, 2014

Positive Affirmations

Our inner self-talk determines how we look at the possibilities in our world.   When we purposefully create positive affirmations we increase self-esteem.  To create healthier self-esteem we need to change our inner self-talk.  Positive affirmations are nothing more than messages we say over and over to ourselves until our mind, body and spirit accept the new message.   Here are a few guidelines in creating positive affirmations.

The affirmation must be positive.  I know some of you are thinking “duh” but when working with clients you would be surprised how often self-limiting thoughts creep up.

The intent of the affirmation must be based in love and light.  Some of us are so entrenched in our negative thoughts we don’t even realize it.

The affirmation must be said with conviction.  If you don’t believe the affirmation just keep saying it until it becomes real for you.  When I stopped smoking my affirmation was "I feel the joy of being a non-smoker".   At first, when I said the affirmation I would laugh out loud.  I could not see the joy of giving up cigarettes.   But I kept repeating my affirmation with conviction and within 21 days I stopped smoking and felt the joy of being a non-smoker.

The affirmation must be said in the present tense.  It’s all about the power of now!

The affirmation must be possible.  This is the tricky part of any affirmation.  Is it possible to walk again after a spinal cord injury?  Yes.  Remember, there is a fine line between miracles and acceptance.

The affirmation must be personal.  You cannot control others.  So, an affirmation that your son has moved out (present tense) might not work.

The affirmation must be said or written 10 times a day for 21 days.  Yep, it has to sink into your beautiful brain.

So how do you know what affirmation to work on first to build self-esteem?  Well, that is simple.  You will need a piece of paper, pen and a mirror.  Look in the mirror and write down everything negative you see.  The reason I suggest this is because we are wired to see the negative.  Yep, we can spot the negatives quicker than Sherman burned Atlanta.

I am holding my mirror and here is what I see that is negative:  wrinkles, age spots and grey hairs.  Just so you know we are harder on ourselves than anyone else.  In other words, most people would need to hold me down and look for a grey hair before they found one.  Next, write down the words you associate with what you see in the mirror.  My words are old and ugly.  Now, it is time for some magic.  Think opposites.  The opposite of old and ugly is young and beautiful.  If your inner voice gives you a tug and screams the opposites are not true then you know you are on the right track.  Now, it is time for some positive affirmations that build your self-esteem.

I am aging gracefully.
I am young at heart and beautiful.
Grey is the new blond.

These new thoughts feel much better in my soul than old, ugly and wrinkly.  And you know what?  I get to choose my thoughts.  So do you.   
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