Thursday, February 9, 2017

Creative Writing Online Group for Women

Online Writing Group for Women
I am a professionally paid writer. I know how to write, even though I have dyslexia and am a horrid speller. I know how to research a subject, develop an outline and write paragraphs into chapters. That’s not my problem when it comes to writing. My challenges are:
  • Not having the time to write even though I have plenty of time to binge watch Netflix
  • Feeling overwhelmed with all the different choices for scenes, characters and plots
  • Hanging out on Facebook because I am stuck in the writing process 
  • Being paralyzed because a word in a sentence doesn’t seem perfect
  • Deep seeded fear that my work is not good enough for anyone to read
Did any of my challenges resonate with you? Maybe you have a few challenges to add? As a writer, these challenges can stop me from writing. As a creativity coach, I know how to WORK though bad habits, overwhelm, being stuck, perfectionism, procrastination and fear. I have creative coaching tools that help me move forward and stay motivated to write.
The writing groups I offer do include writing resources and yes, we critique each other’s work in an enjoyable and positive way. BUT the main resource that makes my writing groups different is creativity coaching tools. Together we will address your writing challenges, create doable writing plans, suggest creative play fuel ideas, offer gentle accountability and guided motivation. AND you will meet like-minded writers and develop social connections.

How Does It Work?
  1. We meet every day in a SECRET Facebook group. You drop by when you can and see what’s going on in the group. You will need a Facebook account to participate.
  2. You will need a writing project. You can work on a novel, poetry, short stories, blogs memoirs or daily journaling. Please note this is a creative writing class and not for academic work.
  3. Each week I will ask questions, offer support, post assessments and coaching tools based on group needs. 
  4. My job is to help you stay committed and motivated to your creative writing project.
  5. We will use Facebook files and Google Docs to share our creative writing for positive and supportive feedback.
  6. This writing group is for women. Why? Because we need the space and time to explore our gifts, values and passions. That is not often afforded to us.
  7. We will have one conference call. The time and date will be determined by the group.  
Sound good? Then register today. The writing group starts March 1, 2017 and ends March 31, 2017. The registration fee is $40.00 for the entire month.


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